Lingo by STEMBoard

Lingo Bundle Deal Three

$239.99 $419.97

In this bundle you will receive 3 kits with LINGO’s:

·       In The Driver's Seat, a simple, experience-based lesson

·       Intro to Variables, more easy-to-follow, STEM-based
        project instructions 

·       Component kit for electronics exploration and

·       BONUS: Access to LINGO’s exclusive support
        webinars for Groupon customers.

We are excited for the 2020 school year! Tsupport STEM learning we are offering 60 days of exclusive webinars for Groupon customers ONLY. Students can watch live or on playback. During these webinars, LINGO Coaches will guide students through the material and help to enrich their learning experience.  

Join us in sparking the love of tech!